To begin with, it is important to understand that “the more you give – the more you get”! We are open to discuss and determine how we could build and maintain a mutually beneficial cooperation!

Please read the below carefully to realize our best practices:

As part of the Lindy Helpers Club [LHC], you are expected to maintain ethical and professional conduct during work activities, and/or when representing our organization in the community.

This Volunteer Code of Conduct aims to clearly communicate the required standards of behavior while helping Lindy Hop Bulgaria. We expect our helpers to act respectfully, honestly, and ethically while fulfilling their responsibilities, and in their interactions with any living thing including our staff, fellow helpers, and community members.



Lindy Hop Bulgaria is a school for swing dancing and culture. As such it is involved in numerous activities aiming to spread the mission, vision and values of our beloved cultural heritage of this afro-american dance to as many people as possible.
Our organizational structure and activities highly depend on helpers’ work and responsibilities, as we are only limited to the capabilities of our community – the more we grow and develop, the larger the opportunities for a greater impact.
Helpers are significant members of our team and club. Teams work together to provide the best services and experience possible to our society. We want your participation to be beneficial and rewarding. Your loyalty and dedication towards furthering the reputation and integrity of Lindy Hop Bulgaria (LHBG) are of the utmost importance.
This Helpers Handbook is provided to inform helpers and potential helpers of the policies and operating procedures of the LHC, and of the many service opportunities that are available. It is not a contract for employment or a guarantee of a continuing relationship with the LHC. The LHC reserves the right to change policies and procedures or revise the contents of the Helpers Handbook at its sole discretion, without prior notification to helpers.


Becoming a Helper

Admission to the LHC is open to all those who possess the qualities necessary to become an effective helper. The LHC recruits helpers without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability. To become a helper in the LHC, each individual must complete the following steps:

  • Complete and submit the LHC Application Form
  • Complete a brief in-person or telephone interview with the Helpers Coordinator – Damyan(Jimmy)
  • Attend a General Orientation meeting which shall include an overview of the LHC and its history, a review of policies and procedures, a discussion of helpers positions and opportunities, and conclude with a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Request, be selected for, and then placed into a particular role/position/task and receive additional job orientation and training relative to those.


Obligations and Expectations

Helpers are expected to follow the ethical standards outlined in this code of conduct. Moreover, helpers are expected to uphold the LHBG mission and maintain a professional image while representing the organization in public. Your job performance will be evaluated regularly. Depending on the extent and complexity of your job, the evaluations may be formal or informal, written or oral. It is important that you communicate clearly and frequently with your supervisor. Discuss any successes, difficulties, suggestions and questions that you have.

We support “open door policy” – should a helper have or foresee a problem that may interfere with their commitment or ability to adequately perform their responsibilities, that helper should immediately discuss the matter with their supervisor or another member of the LHC. The LHC team is always available to discuss any changes or problems.

During their service in LHC volunteers must fulfill the following duties:

    • Coworker – Coworkers have the responsibility for one critical part of the organization such as events,  media, communication or logistics called “organizational areas”
    • Contributor – Support Co-workers in managing the workload of larger organizational areas by leading one specific sub-areas (such as managing social media or running a blog as part of communication) or side-projects.
    • Volunteer – Volunteers either support the organization with one-time or recurring contributions, i.e. volunteering during an event, or supporting the team’s activities during the preparation of the event.
    • Advisor – Advise on certain challenges, based on practical experience and know how. Usually have the knowledge and network to make things happen.
    • Investor – Provides monetary support and networking opportunities, so that the club and society can reach their best potential
  • All of whom:
    • understands and supports the purpose, structure and policies of the LHC;
    • offers the use of his or her special skills and experience;
    • conducts himself or herself in accordance with the standards of conduct and ethics of the LHC;
    • completes LHC orientation and other appropriate training;
    • endeavors to be flexible in accepting assignments
    • performs assigned responsibilities willingly and courteously to the best of his or her ability
    • accepts the guidance of his or her supervisor;
    • complies with the time and management requirements of the LHC;
    • respects the confidentiality of sensitive or proprietary information;
    • provides timely notification to the supervisor of absence or termination;
    • serves as a goodwill ambassador for the LHC in the community.
    • be familiar with the policies and procedures (written and verbal) set forth by the LHC.
    • speak and act professionally during all helpers assignments.
    •  attend a minimum of 1 training session throughout the year and upskills as necessary.
    • inform appropriate staff in writing of resignation or leave of absence.
    • enjoy him/herself and let us know how to better our volunteer programs.

In return, volunteers should expect the following from the LHC: 

  • Receive professional orientation, training and support
  • Devoted team members who will help them in any given task
  • Developed skills, knowledge and expertise in the assigned field
  • Possibility of free:
    • Monthly dance card
    • Entrance on LHBG parties
    • Private lessons
    • Pass for LHBG Festivals
    • Camp attendance 
    • Branded merchandise
    • Workshop participation
    • Access to other(foreign) festivals
    • Dance halls for training


Professional Standards

The manner in which helpers and staff conduct themselves should create a favorable and lasting impression of the LHC. The continued success of the LHC depends on the quality, integrity, expertise, and professionalism of all our staff.

Members of our Lindy Society receive prompt and courteous attention and a helpful and meaningful response. Society and potential members must always be treated with deference, tact, and courtesy. Similarly, respect and thoughtfulness towards fellow workers will always be expected.


Job Orientation and Training

Before beginning your regular helper assignment(s), your supervisor(s) will discuss the following items with you:

  • Review job duties and expectations.
  • Meet you with any other team members.
  • Confirm work dates, times, and anticipated duration of your participation.
  • Provide training on any new skills needed to perform your assigned tasks.
  • Discuss procedures for obtaining, using and caring for needed supplies.


Attendance and Punctuality

LHC depends on you to arrive on time for your agreed and scheduled shift/meeting. Your supervisor and co-workers value your contributions and they depend on you to be present at the scheduled time. We ask that if you know you will be late or absent, please notify your team as soon as possible. Repeated tardiness or absences may result in suspension or termination.



During the course of their duties, helpers will likely have access to, deal with, or become aware of confidential information and circumstances surrounding those we serve. This information must be kept strictly confidential. Any breach of confidentiality will result in disciplinary action up to and including the termination of helpers services.


Anti-Racism, Harassment, and Bullying

LHC has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying of any kind.
These behaviors include but are not limited to: offensive physical actions such as lewd gestures; statements meant to humiliate a person publicly or individually; the use of racial slurs or “jokes”; sexually explicit communication that is either written or spoken; any unwelcome physical contact with other volunteers, staff, or clients; any unwanted sexual attention; harassment due to a person’s race, color, gender, identity, religion, language, medical condition, age, culture, national origin, gender expression, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.

If you witness these behaviors, you are required to notify your supervisor immediately. If you engage in any of these behaviors, you will receive prompt disciplinary action and/or termination without notice.


Resigning from the LHC

While we never want to lose a helper, we understand that other priorities may cause helpers to need to resign. To end a helper commitment, it is requested that volunteers notify their supervisor of that decision and the effective date.


Breaches of the Volunteer Code of Conduct 

By failing to uphold the ethical considerations in this document, volunteers should expect disciplinary action. It is at LHC discretion whether to issue a warning or to terminate services as a helper. LHC has the right to release or terminate helpers at its discretion. LHC is not responsible for any monetary losses accrued as a result of breaches of conduct. 

By agreeing to this Helpers Code of Conduct, I indicate that I have read, understood, and agree to uphold and abide by the outlined values. I also agree to accept consequences as a result of not following our Volunteer Code of Conduct.

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